Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Wedding Shower for Kathleen

Little Kathleen Williams who we met around 1991 watching her brothers play hockey and soccer, just waiting for her turn.  Didn't take long by 1993 Kathleen and Rachel were fast friends and had joined the same soccer team "the Lightning".  HA HA now their brothers had to watch them.  Amazingly they had picked up a fair bit of skills from watching their brothers play and their fathers coach.  Next was dance recitals, you can imagine the boys reaction to going to these LOL.  Before we knew it they were prom dress shopping together, Spice Girl concerts continued to cement their friendship.  Kathleen was a bridesmaid at Rachel's wedding and now here we are today celebrating the upcoming wedding of Miss Kathleen Williams, less than 2 months away and we are all so excited for her and her groom Michael.

Rachel and Stephanie putting the final touches on the Champagne and Cupcake table.  Definitely my favourite table.  Stephanie made some fantastic Champagne Cupcakes.  Rachel picked the "bubbly" theme for Kathleen, so fitting, she might be the bubbliest person I know.

Included in the bubbly theme was a bottle of Piper Heidsieck Brut Champagne which everyone signed and is to be opened at their 1st annivesary LOL.  Our giveaway was little bottles of Henkell Trocken so Kathleen's guests could enjoy a wee toast to her.

We decided on a "Travel" theme to help them with their honeymoon.  Such fun for Rachel and I as everyone donated cash and we then went out and spent it on fun stuff.

The guests have started arriving and we are ready to share a glass of bubbly with Kathleen.

Kathleen is surrounded by her bridesmaids Rachel, Hailey, Kathleen and Tamara.  Missing are Celeste and Reanne.
We also needed a picture of the beautiful mother of the bride, Mary Jo, with a couple of her BFFs, Lindsey, Cathy, ME and Dale.  We are so excited for her and can't wait for August 26.

The guests have arrived, had a cocktail and lunch is ready.  A wee bit rainy today, but still warm, so we went with a cold salad theme.  

I gather I'm not allowed to take pictures of people when they are eating.  
Kathleen loves the Toronto Islands, and we are looking forward to her wedding there.  What better than to play a Picnic Themed Game.  Everytime she answered a question right she received a little gift for the picnic.  We couldn't leave Nala out, so there was even a little bowl and treats for her.  I am pretty sure she answered every question right.  LOL

Time for a little cupcake and then the present opening began.  

Couldn't have a Travel Themed gift without a piece of lingerie for the honeymoon.
The groom arrived near the end of the presents opening so was able to help with the luggage.

These 3 ladies were definitely the most excited ladies in the room.  Mother of the Bride Mary Jo, Bride Kathleen and Mother of the Groom Teri.
Cheers Kathleen, we can't wait for August 26, it is just around the corner.  xoxoxoxo


Brocolli Salad

Greek Salad

Salmon Pasta Salad with Cucumber Dressing

Chicken and Fruit Quinoa Salad

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