Thursday, June 1, 2017

Off to Ferryland Newfoundland

A visit to Newfoundland has been on my bucket list for a few years now, I can thank Ferryland for prompting me to actually do something about it.  Back in April news reports started appearing about this gigantic iceberg that had appeared at Ferryland.  I started diligently following all iceberg reports and checking on to see what was happening.  All reports were calling for a bumper crop this year, time to book.

After our great boat trip with O'Briens, we headed down the coast to find a place to eat as we headed to Ferryland.  A quick stop at Tors Cove for a picture and then we were lunch hunting.

Next stop was Bernard Kavanagh's restaurant looking right over the coast.  A warm bowl of soup and grilled cheese as we enjoyed the view.  Ferryland is known as the Irish Heart of Newfoundland and part of the Irish Loop.  It is in the heart of the Irish Loop and was colonized in 1621,  there is an archaeological dig going on there right now uncovering the original settlement.

Although the iceberg has moved on, the area was rich in photo opportunities and a great hike out to the Lighthouse was just what we needed.  The lighthouse is now a catering service for "Lighthouse Picnics" classified as a unique Canadian experience.  Walk up, grab your picnic and in July and August watch the whales frolic off the coast.  On the list for next time, today we just had to settle for a walk.

This is the road along the spur and then there is a 1000 meter walk up to the lighthouse and trails all along the coast line.

At one point down by Ferryland as I looked out at the waves standing by the Ferryland Lighthouse, I shed a tear or two, as I realized how thankful I was for this wonderful country.  When my parents immigrated here, there was talk about heading over to Australia, and everyday I am thankful that they stayed.  My family, my friends and this amazing country I am thankful for everyday.  How lucky I am and how amazing it has been to discover this last province to join confederation.

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