Monday, June 26, 2017

Boat Tour around Toronto Harbour and Islands - such fun

I was very spoiled this Mother's Day (as always), not sure if my kids got together to discuss the wonderful gifts I received or not, but they all went with a "Spend Time with Mom Event".

Andrew booked his first.  We have been noticing that Wednesdays have been the only consistently nice day of the week this spring/summer.  (Note:  It is Men's Night at the Golf Course, lucky Jim).  So looking at the calendar once again, Wednesday was calling for clear skies, so off we went on a boat tour of Toronto Harbour and the Toronto Islands.

It is a 1 hour trip on an Amsterdam boat, called Miss Kim Campbell, which just cut through the water without a bump.  Our guide was very knowledgeable about Toronto and I found out some new interesting facts.

The first condo was built around 1972 on reclaimed land.  It took 3 years to sell out.  There was a man who bought 10 of them for $30,000 and the Toronto Star wrote a story about him saying what a rotten investor he was.  The next condo sold out in 3 days.  After the investor sold his units for $300,000, the Toronto Star printed an apology saying what a great investor he was.  In 2017 there are still condos popping up all over the place.  It is a beautiful skyline we have and on a day like today some amazing reflections in all the glass that surrounds the harbour.

The Amsterdam Brewery is just to the left of the green buoy.  There is a bridge there that was donated to Toronto by the people of Amsterdam and the people of Toronto donated a bridge to Amsterdam too.

There are a number of different boats you can take tours on.  Next time we might take this tall ship :))))

Porter Airlines were busy taking off and landing.  Every time one came in for a landing we were all watching to make sure it landed safely, they were so close to the water.

My newest view of the CN Tower and Rogers Centre.  Rachel and Jay's 1st home was the tall building on the waterfront to the right of the tower.  Selling feature - walking distance to the Blue Jays.

 We did a tour through the islands and it is scary to see how much of them are under water.  The bbq hibachi picnic areas were under water by what looked like a foot.  Docks and piers were underwater.  Normally this boat would stop and let you disembark on the islands, but they are still closed to everyone other than city employees, or people who live there.

I told Andrew I could do this tour every time I go down there.  Groupon has great prices.  So good that Andrew also took me to Amsterdam Brewery for dinner where we met up with David and Stephanie.  Thanks Andrew for a great time.  xo

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