Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Wandering around Quidi Vidi Newfoundland

Quidi Vidi, pronounced "Kiddy Viddy" feels like a trip back to the past with this beautiful little safe harbour away from the winds and waves of the Atlantic Ocean.  The harbour is known as "The Gut" and the battery has been there since the war of 1812.  The fact that you can walk here from the middle of St. John's was a bonus.  You can also just see it from the Ladies Lookout on Signal Hill, on a clear day.   

The local brewery has some superb beers only sold in Newfoundland (which is a shame), my favourite was the Eric - yes it was a red amber.  

We had an 11 am brunch reservation at the Mallard Cottage, it was a 7000 step walk from our Jelly Bean house on Victoria St, but well worth the exercise as we strolled up and down the hills of St. John's and when we saw the menu, we knew we would need the 7000 steps home.  The Mallard Cottage is considered #38 on the top 100 list of Canada's Best.  If you want a taste of Newfoundland you definitely have to put this on your list.  

Fresh catch of the day is getting ready for the evening meal at the Mallard Cottage.  

When you picture Newfoundland, you picture The ROCK, a big grey cliff heading off into a big grey sky, which is why I think they must paint everything so bright.  All around the island white churches with bright red steeples dotted the countryside.  They looked like a beacon to the many sailors as they passed by tight rock faces to enter the safety of the inner harbours.

 From the churches with their red steeples, to the Jelly Bean houses to the beautiful sheds and fences, Newfoundland became a very colourful landscape.

I'm not sure if you could get to these houses if you didn't have a boat or were a billy goat.  

or floated over on a buoy :)

History, fishing villages, harbours, good food, all are part of the friendly character of St. John's Newfoundland.  A visit to Quidi Vidi Village was definitely one of my favourite days.  

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