Monday, December 5, 2016

David & Steph's Meet and Greet Party Time

I can't think of any better way to start the Christmas celebrations than with a "Meet and Greet the Wedding Party" for my darling son David and his beautiful fiancee Stephanie who are set to tie the knot in October 2017.  

There is a wee Scottish theme to our festivities.  David proposed to Stephanie on the Isle of Skye after a wee dram or two of Talisker while on holiday with Rachel and Jay.  (no that isn't the Isle of Skye but they needed a picture of the event to send to their parents :).  

Stephanie's best friend lives in Edinburgh and she adores all things British, so what else but fascinators for the ladies and mini sporrans for the menfolk :).  After cutting out moustaches and lips for Rachel's and Jays, the wee scottie dogs were a breeze.  It did take me a day to be able to move my fingers after cutting out 40 of them though.  

I was pleasantly surprised when the fascinators actually stayed on and looked not too bad.  :)

Can't have a celebration without a magnum or two of champagne.  :)

David had a wee gift for his groomsmen.  

Lovely Stephanie waiting for the first visitors and the champagne to be popped.  Me too :)

Stephanie and I are ready to party.  Check out the upper right hand corner of the picture, I thought there was someone in the backyard, but it is Jim photobombing us as he is taking the picture.  LOL

 Practicing, I warned them not to put a whole in my roof.  

My daughter and future daughter-in-law all dressed up for our Christmas Theme.  

 A quick family photo before everyone arrives.  My clan keeps growing, loving it.  

 Stephanie with her Maid of Honour Liz.

 Just 1 of 3 Andrew's in the wedding party.  

 The wedding party, Ali, Liz, Adrienne, Susan, Rachel and Stephanie.  Sadly Corey (Nova Scotia), Rachel (Scotland) and Tory (British Columbia) couldn't make it.  Maddie stepped in for her missing sister.  These ladies are all very lucky to be a part of each others lives, from school, to hockey, to soccer, lots of memories and more starting every day with weddings and babies being added to the list.



This little bride and groom was on the top of Jim's and my wedding cake 37 years ago.  

Dinner is ready, thanks very much to Chris and Al for all their contributions.  Lots of lasagna, cheese stuffed jumbo shells, pulled pork.  I was amazed they could eat so much after all their appetizers (sausage rolls, cheddar chutney tarts, crab and cheese bites, mexican dip and meatballs).  And that doesn't include Stephanie's famous key lime cupcakes, shortbread, scottish gingerbread men and ladies and nanaimo bars.  

 Rachel, Stephanie and I had a baking day a couple of weeks before, getting our little gingerbread people decorated with kilts and sashes.  I did the easy job - preparing the dough, they got to do the rolling and decorating.  :)

Jim and I have known Chris and Al since the early soccer and hockey days.  It has been so nice renewing a friendship especially under such wonderful circumstances.  

Al the Father of the Bride getting comfortable behind the bar with one of the handsome groomsmen - Tyler.  

 The mother of the bride Chris with her best friend Bev.  


John and Maddie Peterkin, best friends with David and Stephanie

The very dashing groomsmen, Tyler, Andrew, Trevor, John, Andrew, Al, Shawn and Shawn and bestman Andrew with his little!!! brother David.  


The Graham family.  Just missing little Remy (Stephanie's favourite 4-legged friend).  

 The scotch is open, now the party begins.  

Al has been coming to our house since he was around 6 years old, not just a groomsmen but also an MC along with Tyler.  Champagne pouring and toasting is always a good trait in a groomsman.  

This bottle didn't last long.  

Shawn the bride's favourite brother with one of her lifelong friends and bridesmaid.

 Tyler and Al raising a glass to cheer the happy couple, I think they are looking for stories to add to their repertoire for the wedding.


Wouldn't be a Carlson event or speech without a tear or two.  

 Walmart had a great selection of Christmas sweaters, Cool Santa was definitely a favourite.

Like father like son, here is Andy wearing a fascinator and a few pics above Trevor has one on too.  

 Myself, my 2 bffs Lindsey and MJ, and Stephanie's mom Chris.  

Cool Santa and his son are looking like they have been enjoying the Scotch.  

It is such a busy time of year and we feel blessed that so many people could help us celebrate the engagement and the start of a year of celebrations as we head to the wedding day.  Also a big thank you to everyone who helped, my family - always there for me and Chris and Al.  Events are only as successful as the wonderful people who come and enjoy themselves and this was definitely a success.   

Merry Christmas Everyone.  

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