Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Magical Distillery District at Christmas Time

Thursday, 2 days until Christmas seemed like a good time to take a trip down to the Distillery District with David and find some last minute stocking stuffers.  This is definitely the busiest I have ever seen the Market (keeping in mind I wouldn't be caught near this place on a weekend).

The pink trees were a wee maze that people actually lined up to go into and take their selfie.  Absolutely everyone had their cameras, phones, selfie sticks out taking pictures every step of the market.  At times I felt like I was in bumper cars, I was constantly boinging off people.  The amazing thing is everyone was laughing and smiling and stopping for pictures.  The Christmas Spirit was every where, just people trying to capture a special moment with family, friends and loved ones.  

There were line ups everywhere.  The only thing David and I thought we might want was the spiral potato on a stick (tornado potato), but when we saw the line up we decided to pass.  It was just fun walking around.

Found this great little shop for my final stocking stuffers, some leaf and jay socks, and just knew Jim couldn't cope without a pair of BABSOCKS :)  If you are looking for something original next year, they had cuff links made from hockey pucks, footballs and polo sticks from specific games and you got a history of the special puck.  This will never be on my list but if you have a spare $250++ hanging around you might want to buy a set for your special guy.  Unfortunately they don't have any pucks around from the last time the Maple Leafs won the cup.

They had signs all around the walls and at everyone there was a line up of people trying to get their picture taken with it.  

Note to self, if you want to take pictures at the market when it is dark, don't get there too early with David, I managed to get him to hang on until 4:45 but that was enough for him LOL.  We were meeting the rest of the family for dinner and I managed to grab a few pics of the CN Tower on the way.  Another "Note to Self" if you want to eat at the market book early, last year Arlene and I couldn't get in anywhere and this year I phoned a week in advance and there wasn't anything available.

From the time the CN Tower was built it has held a magical place in my heart.  Jim and I used to go up to the bar and dance the night away to "Stars on 45".  LOL.  The flat iron building was around way before the CN Tower and it is impossible for me to walk by it and not take a few pictures.

Another great Christmas memory, thanks David for a great day.  

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